I offer translation services from English into Spanish and vice versa and editing services in Spanish. If you need linguistic services in these languages, please refer to my contact details below.

Legal translation

I specialize in legal translation —mainly contract, corporate, and labor law— and in marketing for legal firms.

Business translation

I translate commercial documents, financial statements, auditor’s reports and, in general, all business-related documents.

Translation to travel or study abroad

I translate personal and education documents (diplomas, transcripts, etc.) so that you can travel or study abroad.

Translation of documents required by government entities

I translate documents that are submitted to Argentine authorities in Spanish for purposes such as marriage, adoption, divorce, etc.

Other areas of work

I also work in the port, mining, and hospitality industries.

Spanish copy-editing

I offer copy-editing services in Spanish so that you can deliver a flawless text to your Spanish-speaking audience.

Contact me

Please use the contact form below or send me an email so we can start working together.
Buenos Aires | Argentina
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